About us

Welcome to the wonderful world of Montekinder, where learning joins hands with play to create an incredibly friendly, planet-inspired experience, all thanks to the innovative Montessori approach. We're a couple who are passionate about the future of our planet, focusing on educating the next generations and creating a more sustainable environment for all.

Let's start by introducing you to Danica – a finance expert with a keen eye for detail. Alongside her is Federico, producer and music educator, infusing creativity into everything he touches. Together, their ideas flow harmoniously, much like the sky meeting the earth. This union creates an environment where practicality and creativity dance, providing the ideal space for your little ones to flourish.

Our motto is: "The world remains with the children." This serves as a reminder that our actions today shape the world we pass on to the kids. Let's collaborate and embrace the mission of creating a brighter world together!