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Montessori Counting Board

Montessori Counting Board

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Introducing the Montekinder Montessori Counting Board – a captivating wooden educational toy designed to foster early learning and creativity in children. Crafted with a commitment to natural materials and eco-friendliness, this set effortlessly blends Montessori principles with interactive play.


  • Counting and Writing: Dive into the world of numbers as your child practices counting from 1 to 10. The wooden pen allows them to confidently write each numeral, reinforcing numerical recognition.
  • Tactile Learning: The set comes with round wooden balls that fit perfectly into corresponding holes, enhancing fine motor skills and numerical understanding through hands-on engagement.
  • Versatile Learning Space: Embracing the Montessori approach, this set offers a space to explore letters through sensory experiences. Fill it with various materials and ingredients for a multi-sensory learning adventure.
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